Hold My Bread

Episode 40: Getting started with guest Brendan Gay

July 17, 2020

We have New York comedian, Podcast host, birthday party guest and friend of the show Brendan Gay on the podcast this week.

Brendan come on to discuss getting started in investing. The guys try their best to share what knowledge they've learned so far, their investment strategy, and why the podcast was started in the first place.

This episode is really great and full of a lot of good information. We discuss a few quick stories but the meat of this episode is getting information out for Brendan and anybody else looking to start investing.

Make sure you follow Brendan on social media @BrendanGay and check out his podcast Send it show.

As always thank you for your support and you can follow us on IG @MattBachusSucks @JoelWalkowski @Holdmybread and email us HoldMyBread@gmail.com 

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