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$0-$250,000 real quick with Andrew Collin

$0-$250,000 real quick with Andrew Collin

May 21, 2020

This episode is great and if you've been waiting to check out the podcast this is a great episode to get in.

Before a great interview with Andrew the boys discuss some store closings, a pizza scam we can all support, Matt comes in REAL hot and Joel is very strong.


Andrew is a great guest and an even better  comedic story teller who hosts his own podcast (puddles) and opens for Nikki glaser among so many other things.

Andrew talks about his experience of selling real estate in his early 20's and all the money he made, was going to make, and may or may not have lost.

this is such a good funny interview I hope you enjoy. Thank you for supporting the podcast and please leave us a quick review wherever you're listening.

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The MBA adventure

The MBA adventure

May 15, 2020

This week Joel talks about getting his MBA and the the "university" that lied to him

Is now the time to invest or is there more room for the market to fall

 Grub Hub and Uber to join forces?

Richard Burr get's got

A drive through strip club in Oregon

of course Elon Musk is brought up

Joel and Matt show off their bodies

We'll be back next week with a new episode

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May 7, 2020

This episode is BIG. 

We start with an exciting announcement and the lads decide to cash out on some of their stocks.

Matt , Joel and  podcast favorite Moneybags Riley Decide on the future of the podcast by each selecting new companies to help breath life into the shows portfolio and plan for a post corona world... whenever that may happen.

HUGE thanks to everyone who has supported the show. Listening, leaving a review and sharing is a huge help to us and we are very grateful for it.


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The Musky Popcorn Gap

The Musky Popcorn Gap

April 30, 2020

Elon Musk is coming unhinged

The Dow is up... some how

AMC wars with NBC Universal

Matt hates the GAP and Boeing

Joel Pees

Landlord stories

and more!


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oil? Who’s talkin’ about oil bitch? You cookin’?

oil? Who’s talkin’ about oil bitch? You cookin’?

April 22, 2020

Oil prices

the further collapse of retail

joel scams a friend (who had it coming)

a new Tesla battery

Netflix is king dingaling of the streaming services

Amazon is tracking it's employees like the predator to "help" them

It woul'd be an episode without the gift that is We Work

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Government Cheese

Government Cheese

April 16, 2020

Matt's got unemployment and his bank account has been stimulated.

Joel is running and doing Pilates.... what a world


Another great episode where the guys discuss retail sales plummeting 

banks are losing money like crazy except for one

The XFL suspends operations 

Matt thinks the WWE is evil and  Joel thinks Elon Musk is stupid and it goes on

we might go on strike.... who knows

Amazon is killing the economy?

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We are corporations

We are corporations

April 10, 2020

This episode is a ton of fun.

This episode the Lads discuss..

How important a 401K is 

Drama on Taco Tuesday

Wimbledon is more prepared for the pandemic than the US government 

a recent poker controversy 

The potential future of the economy

The Kennedy's


and Fuck Kelly Loeffler


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Our biggest loss yet

Our biggest loss yet

April 2, 2020

This weeks episode....

Matt and Joel suffer their biggest loss in the shows history thanks to an AMRN ruling

More info on the insider trading controversy in congress 

Fuck Hobby lobby

People are trapped on cruise ships

Zoom can't keep out trolls

This is a great episode and we appreciate your support during these weird times.

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a Trillion dollar episode

a Trillion dollar episode

March 26, 2020

Joel and Matt are still separated by the quarantine, but they're still pumping out fresh episodes.

This was Matt's favorite lockdown episode yet!

Insider trading, stocks to buy during the recession, the trillion dollar coin, Their pandemic supplies, Joel's daily schedule and Matt might become a professional gamer.

a few technical issues with this episode but when you're recording from a bunker that is to be expected. stay safe, stay healthy and thank you for listening.

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Pods Across America

Pods Across America

March 18, 2020

Matt and Joel have escaped New York and are recording at remote locations in the Midwest.

This episode they talk about the economic blow back caused by corona virus.

the future, the past and what they've been doing to pass the time. 

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