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Roll it down the hill

Roll it down the hill

September 15, 2020

This episode is GREAT! finally after months of recording across zoom the guys are back in person and recording in a new studio!

This episode the guys cover....

A former guest making the front page of Reddit

Draft Kings goes off

Battery day is coming up and what to expect

Nikola is in deep shit

PPP loan fraud from a bunch of idiots 

The Tik Tok sale is almost final 


The defund the police fund

The defund the police fund

September 9, 2020

A few days late because of Labor day but we're back!


This episode the guys record late after a long... few days so while the energy is lower but we're in it!

Matt's gone back to work and Joel has started business school

Tesla takes a fall

Labor and Unions

Robot dogs building cars

Dominos pizza, Mcdonalds and high fashion


NOT an episode about conspiracy theories

NOT an episode about conspiracy theories

August 31, 2020

Crspr and the future of gene editing

Walmart and Microsoft might buy TikTok

Tesla stock split is official

some upcoming IPO's

we share our bad Air BnB stories

Joel explains a panic trade he made 

what scary companies you can invest in

Joel thinks the he future of shipping is autonomous.


Day Traitor

Day Traitor

August 24, 2020

Our old producer (Richie) comes on to fill us in on what he's been doing and how he's he's a big swinging dick day trader now. 

We go over some of Richie's lessons he's learned, his big wins, and big losses.  Joel is recording in another compromising position and we make some blonde jokes. Another fun episode here so how can you lose? Email us HoldMyBread@gmail.com Follow us on IG HoldMyBread tell your friends, helps us grow. we love you bye.

I split, You split, Stock split

I split, You split, Stock split

August 17, 2020

Joel is back in Brooklyn but the guys haven't reunited yet.  This week we explain a stock split and what it means for Apple Tesla and you the investor.  Loyd's of London is fuckin up and T.I is fighting with them. Joel and Matt tell some personal stories and some people who listen to this might not like it.... you'll see what I mean. This episode is loose as a goose but it's a good one. Email us Holmybread@gmail.com follow us on IG HoldMyBread and that you to all of our old and new listeners.

Robinhood men in trouble

Robinhood men in trouble

August 9, 2020

Matt is hungover Joel is a new man after his retreat to Zion national park.


This week we discuss the possible Robinhood Class action brought about in the app crashing.

We look back at a few stocks we didn't buy

Discuss the Kodak deal and more insider trading news.

This episode is fun and loose and we love you for listening.


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Wu-Tang Financial

Wu-Tang Financial

August 1, 2020
This week Joel and Matt use a summary of current financial news such as the Market Share of Tech Giants & the ominous warnings of the Buffett Indicator to explain modern portfolio theory. These Macroeconomics espouse efficiency and spending an hour learning the basics of how to balance your portfolio as we creep towards a recession seems like a good use of time.
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Be Humble

Be Humble

July 25, 2020

This week started with Joel and Matt thinking they could write their own stock chart... after realizing they are highly unqualified they decided to do an episode on how to READ a chart.


We learn how to read a chart, talk more about Robinhood discuss some news and Matt confesses a secret that you MUST keep from Joel if you want to remain in the Gluten Gang.This episode is great and is our first after our nice write-up from Comedy Cake. HUGE thanks from our new listeners and to our old for the continued supports. 


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wear your mask, we love you byeeeeee

Episode 40: Getting started with guest Brendan Gay

Episode 40: Getting started with guest Brendan Gay

July 17, 2020

We have New York comedian, Podcast host, birthday party guest and friend of the show Brendan Gay on the podcast this week.

Brendan come on to discuss getting started in investing. The guys try their best to share what knowledge they've learned so far, their investment strategy, and why the podcast was started in the first place.

This episode is really great and full of a lot of good information. We discuss a few quick stories but the meat of this episode is getting information out for Brendan and anybody else looking to start investing.

Make sure you follow Brendan on social media @BrendanGay and check out his podcast Send it show.

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We Hate You Kelly Loeffler

We Hate You Kelly Loeffler

July 11, 2020

on this weeks episode...

Joel needs a new suit and Brooks Borther's can't help him

Kanye West makes people almost like him again then does a 180

The guys discuss why the WNBA should be Americas national pastime

More Tesla news, speculation, and hate from Joel

What is EPS and how is it calculated?

Cruise ships are dying and Matt welcomes it

We discuss the dark side of Robinhood 

and as always...We hate Kelly Loeffler

Thank you for listening and your continued support

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wear your mask

we love you.

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