Hold My Bread
Hold My Birthday

Hold My Birthday

December 4, 2019

Today is Matt Birthday and we've got a new episode out!


The boys discuss their Thanksgiving

Nestle is evil

The France  and Delaware connection

stories of the saddest Christmas

Joel lurks on happy families

We play a few of Joels Heinz adds

Commercials and where to spend your money matters

Dickopedia vs. the plop Market

Dickopedia vs. the plop Market

November 22, 2019

Hot new episode! 

We come up with a few apps to collect and sell your data

We talk the Amarin bump

Check out stocks based off their astrological signs

A man is Doxed with Hamburgers

The boys get political

Dickioedia vs. The Plopmarket


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Infinite leverage and a couple of Mclovers

Infinite leverage and a couple of Mclovers

November 14, 2019

This week we shout out R/WSB and discuss the infinite leverage glitch.

Mcdonalds CEO steps down

Amarin stock is frozen for the day

Robinhood cancels our option

Ex Uber CEO starts a new company

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Xaviers Options

Xaviers Options

November 5, 2019

We have our second guest on to teach us all about Options trading.

We learn the history of options 

Joel fills us i on his lawsuit and touches his toes

We buy an option live on the podcast 

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Workin the Gherkin

Workin the Gherkin

October 31, 2019

This week 

Quarterly reports are in!!!

Grub Hub drops it low

Beyond Burger sell off

Matt has a new app idea

We learn about what a stinky pickle is and how to work a gherk

Joel files his first lawsuit and we discuss our gains

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Shout out R/WSB


The Letter

The Letter

October 23, 2019

New art work!

The boys read a letter they're going to mail to Martin Shkreli.

More We Work news that you won't believe

New stock picks

Check in on the portfolio

Another sponsor for this weeks episode

Matt talks about how he got a $40 shampoo and haircut for free

Shout out to the university of Tennesee students Matt met last week.

The first profit

The first profit

October 15, 2019

Joel is back from a wedding and we record with Joel fresh off the plane. We're back in the studio and for the first time WE'RE PROFITABLE!!!

We realize why we weren't allowed to swim at the beach last episode

Bears, Turtles, and Joe camel

We pick a new stock.

 recent CEO Firings 

Joel has a conspiracy theory

Delta airlines

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The Beach police

The Beach police

October 8, 2019

We're back and talking about a new stock pick


More We Work news VERY EXCITING!

The boys visit the beach

Peleton IPO

Matt tells the story about meeting Andrew Yang

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Moneybags Riley

Moneybags Riley

October 1, 2019

This week we have our first guest and it is without a doubt our best episode yet.

Don't be surprised of Moneybags returns because she was a great guest and this episode is too good.


We get some color on filing for an IPO

Discuss corporate culture

The stock exchange bell and we end with a game of what's in the bag?

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YouWork, IWork, WeWork

YouWork, IWork, WeWork

September 24, 2019

This week We check in on how last weeks stock picks are doing.

We pick two new stocks

Matt explains Brexit VERY accurately

We do a deep dive on WeWork 

and it goes on.

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