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Our biggest loss yet

Our biggest loss yet

April 2, 2020

This weeks episode....

Matt and Joel suffer their biggest loss in the shows history thanks to an AMRN ruling

More info on the insider trading controversy in congress 

Fuck Hobby lobby

People are trapped on cruise ships

Zoom can't keep out trolls

This is a great episode and we appreciate your support during these weird times.

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a Trillion dollar episode

a Trillion dollar episode

March 26, 2020

Joel and Matt are still separated by the quarantine, but they're still pumping out fresh episodes.

This was Matt's favorite lockdown episode yet!

Insider trading, stocks to buy during the recession, the trillion dollar coin, Their pandemic supplies, Joel's daily schedule and Matt might become a professional gamer.

a few technical issues with this episode but when you're recording from a bunker that is to be expected. stay safe, stay healthy and thank you for listening.

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Pods Across America

Pods Across America

March 18, 2020

Matt and Joel have escaped New York and are recording at remote locations in the Midwest.

This episode they talk about the economic blow back caused by corona virus.

the future, the past and what they've been doing to pass the time. 

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Keep supporting each other keep your head up and don't catch the falling knife.


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Welcome to The Apocalypse

Welcome to The Apocalypse

March 11, 2020

We have lost everything. We record under a highway overpass. Dogs howl in the distance. I heat a can of old beans on a fading fire. The howls sound closer now. The hounds smell my fear. The Wall Street House of cards as tumbled. All we have left is our wits. 

Noah Savage (ESPN) joins us to talk favorite stocks for the end times. 


Do You Feel In Charge?

Do You Feel In Charge?

March 6, 2020

Matt is back from LA and this episode is a HOT one

The guys pick a few new stocks to buy during the dip,

Corona virus cures, 

Matt's burger tour,

The Robinhood crash,

A tribute to Joels teeth,

Matt apologizes for NVAX but picks some real deal winner wink* wink*


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No Cares for Shares

No Cares for Shares

February 27, 2020

Matt is still gone but Joel is joined by a Wall Street Insider: the indomitable Rex Thunder. They talk the falling Dow, Rex urges Joel not to freak out about Bernie & take a deep dive into the mechanics of working at a large financial institution. 



February 21, 2020

While Matt gets a Hollywood Pedicure Joel sits down with nice producer Leif for a talk of "what to invest in" & ends up learning too much about IPOS, Underwriting fees & Direct Listings. This ep is fun and dense at the same time. Just like an NFL full back. 

Street and Easy with Gabbi

Street and Easy with Gabbi

February 14, 2020

We've got a guest on this week to discuss new broker laws in New York and the struggles of the real estate game.

ENRT might be a bust and Joel might have been wrong about it last week (huge shock)

Tesla asks for 2 Billion and we recount our most recent trip to AC


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tell your wife tell your kids and tell your husband because they're telling everybody out here.

Tis the season

Tis the season

February 7, 2020

This episode the guys discuss earning season

talk the huge Tesla bump

If Matt screwed up or not

and Joel speculates on a new hot stock he thinks will pay off huge.


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The more I know… the more I realize I know nothing

The more I know… the more I realize I know nothing

January 30, 2020

New episode out Now!


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